sua yoo


no weeping in the outhouse, 2021

Collected poems

Vouch Agency , 2020—Present

Decentralized talent casting & film production

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Best Programming Club 2020—2021

Free course on web application development

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pumpkin hearts / top model, 2020 (8 min)

Synopsis: Four models wind down at the end of the day with a secular get-together.

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freeClothes6026, 2020

Anti-sales garments, shoes & accessories, purposefully handmade for bartering, gift giving and image making

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Hollow Saffron Gutter, 2019

Collected poems

Rozliubit, Co-founder & co-owner 2015—2018

Custom knives & other lifestyle props for film and individual use. Design, fabrication and creative direction

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Science Fiction Love Stories, 2015

Collected short stories

Jamaica, 2015 (28 min)

Synopsis: When their upcoming trip to Jamaica is derailed, a pair of college students playfully book a fantasy suite in Jamaica, Illinois instead. Their stay quickly unravels after unwillingly triggering a synchronicity between two fantasies.

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