My Last Will & Testament

I, Sua Yoo, being of sound mind, do hereby make, publish and declare this document to be my Last Will and Testament.

First, I give all of my physical personal property to my housemates at the time of my death, including clothing, furniture, tools, hardware, and any cash found among my posessions.

Second, I give all of remaining property, tangible and intangible, including my assets and savings, to my brother, Sam. I also give Sam access to all of my digital accounts and direct that my digital presence, e.g. social media accounts, be deleted without notifying the public of my death. In the event that Sam does not survive me, I direct whoever is to access my accounts to delete my digital presence.

Third, I release all of my artwork, including drawing, videos and audio, and writing, published or unpublished, into the public domain.

Fourth, I leave the direction of my collaborative projects, including Vouch Agency and Best Programming Club, to the collaborators in each group.

Fifth, I ask that this website be left untouched until the domain expires.

Sua Yoo
January 10th, 2021