How to schedule a repair

I repair things like:

  • Shoes with broken heels, broken straps, soles falling off, tears, scratches, dirt & stains
  • Ripped, scratched or otherwise damaged leather accessories and clothing
  • Any other small or soft item like jewelry, stuffed animals, cushions, etc

If it fits on my desk, I can fix it. Email me ([email protected]) or message me on Instagram @shoesbysua for a consultation.

Repair services are only available in Los Angeles, CA and by appointment only.

How to request a customization

You can get customizations like:

  • Illustrative artwork and touch up painting on shoes, leather & vinyl
  • Ornamental and/or functional add-ons to existing shoes, like a strap or platform
  • Custom leather appliques, inlays & overlay designs on patches or directly on garments
  • Completely custom shoes, bags & leather garments from scratch

Tell me your ideas via email ([email protected]) or message me on Instagram @shoesbysua.


all prices in USD
  • 🪡 $30 USD and up for repairs & patches
  • 🎨 $100-$300 USD for paint jobs
  • 🧱 $300-3,000 for custom one-offs

Prices are roughly based on $30/hr for my labor + cost of material.

Work trades accepted in excess of $300.

Shoe repairs may be done for free if you are in need beyond your means, and non-every day shoes are imperitive for you to secure $. (ex: dancing shoes)

Prices for customs may be reduced down to minimum cost of materials if you are going through crowdfunding for life-affirming services.

Pricing is subject to change without notice. I am happy to continue discussing fair modes of pricing labor & goods.

A person with a bewildered expression looks at a pair ofplain high-heeled pumps wondering: "Why keep your standardissue shoe? When you can customize!". An excited face lookson at a novel pair of platform high-heeled pumps with asquiggly stiletto heel and heart-shaped gem decorations,followed by: "Choose Shoes by Sua"A sewable patch depicting Wile E. Coyote is accompnied bythe exclamation: "Hey! I don't 'just' make shoes. I also make:custom patches, leather garments, using 90% repurposed leather"

Interested in DIY shoemaking?

Follow me on TikTok @shoesbysua for at-home shoemaking tips and tutorials.

I also have a hectic in-progress DIY shoemaking (heels) guide that I'll try to keep updated (best viewed on desktop.)